WIP Wednesday!

I am working on my leafy yarn bomb, but I have a few side projects that I am doing as well. These Twigg Mitts are much more simple than I thought they would be. I am working on cabling without a cable needle, and at first I had some moments of anxiety. IMG_5921However, I am getting the hang of it. I don’t think I would use this technique on cables with 4+ stitches per side.

I am working on the second mitt now, but am reworking the cable pattern on the cuff, so it isn’t so harsh of a transition. Once I finish the second mitt, I might go back and redo the first one.

I am using  Berroco Vintage in  Fennel.


Fall Leaves Bomb: Starting Point

Near where I live is an elementary school, which is being torn down, and rebuilt over this school year. So, instead of hearing school bells, and the sounds of giddy children at recess, I hear bulldozers, and trucks all day. At this school/construction site, there is a fence. A fence that is begging to be yarn bombed. I think that several types of autumn leaves, zip-tied to said fence, should be good.

Happy Berry’s Maple Leaves should be a good start.

However, I am on the lookout for multiple leaf patterns (knit and crochet), so if you have any, leave a a link in the comments.

Thanks a million,