About Me

Yarnsneak is:

  1. crafty (in both meanings of the word)
  2. cozy
  3. clever
  4. an alter ego I am creating to keep myself sane during the craziness of day to day life.

I consider myself happily “bistitchual”.  I learned to crochet in 2007, after a friend of mine said, “If you buy the yarn, I will make you a blanket.”  I got tired of waiting, and made the damn blanket myself!  I technically learned to knit as a young girl, but didn’t knit for years. I relearned how to knit in 2012, after seeing so many gorgeous knitting patterns.  Other people would tell me that they were afraid of crochet, because it was too hard. So, if I already was doing this “super hard” yarn craft, why not learn to knit?

I feel most comfortable in crochet, but I decide what type of craft to do on a piece by piece basis.


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