First Ever Yarn Bomb Successful!

Alright folks! My first ever yarn bomb has been completed!

The sign in question
The sign in question

I went last night, around 10:30 pm, and scoped out my site. Being extremely nervous, I dressed in black pants, a black sweater, a purple t-shirt, and a knit beanie. I was going for discrete, without looking like a cat burglar.

The air was cool and crisp. The moon was full, which turned out to be a bit of a problem.  The night was a lot brighter than I expected. That, plus the occasional street lamp, made me feel way more visible than I wanted to be.  Next time, new moons are to be preferred.
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Rejoice! The Hook Has Been Found!

IMG_5701After many trials and tribulations, and tearing the living room apart, my beloved crochet hook has been found.  It somehow got wedged between the couch cushions of the other couch. How bizarre!

Work on the cozy is progressing, though I am starting to realize that I might run out of yarn first. I guess I can make it however long I want. I was hoping for about 200 cm, and now I am at 70cm. I might have another skein of theIMG_5712
Lion Brand Amazing in a different colorway that might work….

Well, Now I’ve Done It! Argh!

While crocheting the lovely sign cozy in the previous post this morning, I went and lost my hook! There was a mail carrier at the door with a package, and as I set down my crochet on the blanket, and went to stand up, a small ping was heard.

I didn’t think anything of it, until I went to start crocheting again, and could not find my hook!  My lovely green Clover Crochet Amour hook!

Melodrama to be continued…

It’s starting!

Well, here goes!

My first street sign cozy!Sign cozy 1

I am using Lion Brand Amazing in Ruby, with a 5.5mm hook. Loads of autumnal colors. The fiber content is 53% wool, and 47% acrylic. Hopefully, this cozy will maintain it’s shape, and not smell like a wet sheep if it rains. However, since California is in the middle of a drought, sheep smell is unlikely.  Side note: Rain Gods! I am willing to have my first ever yarn bomb smell like wet sheep, if you let it rain! Continue reading

Sign Cozy Measurements

Just took some measurements of a local sign pole to make a cozy. 19.5 cm x 200 cm.  From what I understand, it is better to have it stretch a bit. It apparently stays up better that way.

My reference source: Twilight Taggers: How to Yarn Bomb

Next step, creation!

Also, Happy Autumn!

I will just tell everyone that I am making a really long scarf. 😉